Dr. Jennifer MacDonald

OFFICE:   Room 443, Beveridge Arts Centre
PHONE:   (902) 585-1243
FAX:   (902) 585-1070
EMAIL:   je.macdonald@acadiau.ca


I will be teaching the following courses (2017/18)

HIST 2533 X1 - Medieval Europe: Fact not Fiction
HIST 3243 X1 - The Reformation in Europe
HIST 3543 X2 - Power & Prestige in Medieval Europe
HIST 3583 X2 - Anglo-Saxon England


Student Supervision & Projects

Kelsey Comeau, "Devotion and Identity: The Patronage of Stained Glass in Late Medieval England," 2016 (winner of the Dr. Margaret R. Conrad Award in History)

Joni Kokko, "Grand Dukes of the West: The Growth of Valois Burgundy," 2016

Margaret Hunter, “Two Conquerors, One Crown: The Legitimacy of Cnut the Great and William the Conqueror in Eleventh Century England,” 2014 (winner of The Dr. A.H. MacLean Prize in History)

Alexandra Munden, “The Lindisfarne Gospels: An Analysis of Northumbrian Identity”, 2014

Elisabet Lindale, “Female agency during the War of the Roses,” 2013 (recipient of Webster Undergraduate Research Award and winner of The Dr. A.H. MacLean Prize in History)

Jennifer MacMillan, “Viking Burial Traditions,” 2012

Jerika Coleman, “Thomas Cromwell: Factional Politics at the Tudor Court,” 2012

Sean Grant, “Mechanisms of Conquest: A re-consideration of the Davidian Feudalisation of Scotland,” 2012 (winner of The Dr. A.H. MacLean Prize in History)

Jessica Sealy, “Mary, Queen of Scots:  The Political Career of a Queen Determined to Rule,” 2010 (winner of The Dr. A.H. MacLean Prize in History)