Our Department houses the disciplines of History, Classics, Comparative Religion and Canadian Studies. Rich in diversity, the Department offers an impressive array of courses on the peoples and cultures - past and present - that make up our world.




Comparative Religion


Canadian Studies

Our Honours programs, demanding but rewarding, ensure our students attain the expertise required to succeed in their choice of graduate studies and professional careers. Our bookshelves hold the theses of many proud Honours students granted scholarships to graduate schools.

 Majors and Honours students are eligible for a number of prizes, awards and scholarships. Senior Honours students can apply for departmental assistantships.

This interview played recently on CBC 1, and in it, Jerry Kaplan, a Stanford academic and author of Humans Need Not Apply: A Guide to Wealth and Work in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, makes  the case that the liberal arts are precisely the area of education to pursue in this era of digital downsizing, since the skills it imparts cannot be duplicated by AI. READ NOW