Dr. David Duke

OFFICE: Room 451, Beveridge Arts Centre
PHONE: (902) 585-1360
FAX: (902) 585-1070
EMAIL: david.duke@acadiau.ca

I will be teaching the following courses




To access a very good stylesheet that you will need to know for the preparation of essays and term papers in my courses, together with a basic overview of citation and bibliographic protocols for print and electronic sources, click here. The stylesheet, based on Kate Turabian's Manual for Writers of Term Papers..., was created by Paul Halsall of Fordham University (whose Internet History Sourcebook series is a truly superb resource for all students -- hint hint). 

If you are planning on using the web for research -- and most of you are, I'm sure -- the best research experience on the web is not to start with Google or another search engine. Use a trusted "portal site" that links to other, trustworthy, web sources instead. For a short list of such seed sites for you research, click here.