Dr. Laurie Dalton - Adjunct Professor


PHONE: 902 585-1166


Dr. Laurie Dalton, is Director/Curator of the Acadia University Art Gallery and Adjunct Art Historian in the Department of History & Classics. Her curatorial work emphasizes the role of university galleries as part of the critical academic space of a university, bringing in exhibitions of both contemporary and historical work that promote visual literacy. Her research interests lie in Canadian visual culture, heritage and exhibition history, in particular how meaning is a process of display, didactics and audience exchange.

Students interested in material culture, museums etc: 

  • Student assistanships in the gallery are available each academic year. Students gain valuable hands on experience in an art gallery: visitor relations, public programs and collections research. Please contact me if you are interested. 
  • In addition, senior level students may be able to undertake a directed reading course (credit). This is a self-directed study in consultation with me that involves selected readings in museums, exhibitions and material culture with a final project relating to a research project based on the permanent art collection of the university. Please contact me.