HIST 4343 Public History - Winter 2019

Emily Ellis
In the fall of 2018, the students of The Practicing Historian (HIST 1003) executed a series of interviews with fifteen members of the senior’s community in Kentville with the goal of beginning to document an oral history of the town. What emerges from these interviews is a sense of pessimism about the current state of Kentville. Most of the interviewees lament the fact that Kentville used to be a bustling hub town, but in modern times it has lost that quality. It is true that Kentville lost a lot when it lost the railway, but to call Kentville a dying town is an inaccurate statement and does not take into account modern economic and social developments. Kentville boasts an impressive business directory, and new businesses are opening all the time.
Kelsey MacGowan
Sacha Russo
Laura Sharpe

HIST 4343 Public History - Fall 2016

HIST 4343 - Fall 2016

Class visits Kings County Museum

Kelly Bourassa

Kelly Bourassa, Conservation expert at Kings County Museum, demonstrating his craft to students of Hist 4343 Public History

Class Projects

Moses Stevenson: A Black Soldier in the Great War

Created by Candina Doucette


Alberta and the Black Battalion: The Forgotten Faces

Natalie Heaton

My project looks at the contribution of the No. 2 Construction Battalion soldiers from Alberta. To better understand the projects, I broke it up into three sections: “What Racism Was Like in Canada”, “Canada Goes to War”, and “The Black Soldiers of Alberta”. The link below will take you to my prezi, there you will find more information on these three topics, as well as a closer look at three soldiers from Alberta and a video of my public presentation.


Annotated Bibliography


Local Heroes: Digby and Weymouth Recruits in the No. 2 Construction Battalion

Researched and created by Emily Martell (063528m@acadiau.ca)

This website explores the No. 2 Battalion through the perspective of Black recruits from the Nova Scotia communities of Digby and Weymouth. The website begins by discussing the response of Black and other minority groups to the outbreak of the First World War. It  goes on to examines the formation of the No. 2 Construction Battalion, the men’s journey to Europe, the type of work done by the men in the Battalion, and finally the Battalion’s return to Canada following the November 11th Armistice. It also includes the names and known information of the 19 men from the area who enlisted, two of whom died and were buried overseas as well as many other primary documents and photos.  

To visit this site please visit: http://digbyandweymouthintheno2constructionbattalion.yolasite.com/


At Home and Away: The Women's Story

Laura Oland & Jessie Stolz


Jeremiah Alvin Jones: Fighting in a White Man's War

Calla Owens - Website


Minority involvement in WWI is very important to the history of Canada's contribution to World War One, however it is not often mentioned. This presentation aims at scratching the surface of Indigenous involvement in the war effort. This prezi presentation covers general involvement as well as a few specific examples.

Created by Anjuli Ripley  fourth year Canadian Studies Honors Student. 



HIST 4343 Public History - Fall 2014

Please Click Here for projects created by students in this class.


HIST 3613 History of Immigration - Fall 2013

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HIST 4343 Public History - Fall 2012

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Bottles, Guns, and Houses: Histories and Memories of Wolfville's Past

Class Field Trips

Anne Deck, "Messages in Bottles: What Student Residents of Kent Lodge left behind"
Elisabet Lindale, "Squabbling Sisters? History & Memory at Hayward House"
Curtis Stanford, "Les We Remember: The Politics of Naming"
Krystal Tanner, "The Blomidon Inn: A history of the 'Big Red'"
Paul Wadden, "Loaded Guns: The Arming of the Wolfville Police Department"


HIST 4343 Public History - Winter 2010

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Beyond Death - Death and Burial Practices in Nova Scotia

  • Casket Makers to 'Bake and Shakers': The Historical Evolution of the Funeral Business
    by Sarah Story
  • Tales from the Grave:  Short Biographies of Notables Buried in Wolfville's Old Burial Grounds by David Perusse


HIST 4343 Public History - Fall 2008

  • Presidential Portraits by Adam Bennett