Austria Field School - May/June 2024

On 19 May 2024, a group of 10 students left for Austria to take part in Acadia University's first Field School / Mission to search for a MIA aircrew from World War 2.  Check back over the next 6 weeks to see updates on their progress and adventure in Europe.

Acadia Students on Site - 22 May 2024Students already hard at work on site in their Acadia MIA Recovery gear.

"The first few weeks have been a whirlwind of an experience. Even for students returning to fieldwork - who have been on excavations before - our skills of teamwork, problem solving, and resolve have been put to the test. Nonetheless, it's been an exciting time and the artifacts being discovered keep us going. I asked my fellow students to describe their experience so far with one word. I've gotten 'fulfilling', 'thrilling', 'interesting' and 'insightful'. And other apt descriptions such as 'workout', 'sweaty' and 'muddy'. I'm equally as excited as everyone else to see where the next few weeks take us and the discoveries to be made. However, I already know this will be a period in my life that I'll remember forever." - Cameron Barnard, Acadia Classics Major