Our faculty are among Acadia's finest, robust in their research and credited with numerous awards for excellence and innovation in teaching.

Staff 2009


Here is a brief list of titles representing our areas of expertise and interest:

  • The Acadians
  • The American South and the New Economy
  • Angus L. Macdonald: a Provincial Liberal
  • British Foreign Policy 1919-1939
  • Canadian Environmental History
  • Cosmopolitanism and nationalism in Egypt
  • Domestic baths of Roman Africa
  • Film and representation of Afro-Caribbean Canadian Pentecostal ritual experience
  • Funeral rituals and the evolution of the funeral industry in Nova Scotia
  • Healthcare and disease in the Manchurian Port of Dalian, 1910-1931
  • Travel and the Communications Networks in Late Saxon Wessex
  • Radicals: Politics and Republicanism in the French Revolution
  • Same-Sex Desire and Love in Greco-Roman Antiquity and the Classical Tradition of the West
  • Canadian Visual Culture & Museum and Exhibition History