Department Faculty

Our faculty have exciting research programs that cover a vast geographical and chronological span, and they have numerous awards for research excellence as well as innovation in teaching.

Pictured: Top row, L-R: Drs. Provençal, MacDonald, Henderson, Duke, Lacroix, Doerr, Whidden; Bottom row, L-R: Dr. Seamone, Janice Worthylake-Perry, Drs. Sedgwick, Hewitt, Gardner, Smardz-Frost

  • Mariah Cooper studies Medieval Gender and Sexuality, Crime and Punishment, Middle English Romance
  • Dr. Dennis studies American social and political history, American working-class studies, political economy, organized labor and social movements
  • Dr. DiGiorgio studies Indigenous history; Charter rights; History of disability; Research methods
  • Dr. Doerr studies Diplomatic History; Appeasement; War Termination; Modern Military History
  • Dr. Duke studies Environmental History; Russian/Soviet History; Science/Tech History; Sustainability Studies
  • Dr. Gardner studies Archaeology and History of the Mani Peninsula in Greece; Sacred Space in the Ancient Mediterranean; Digital Humanities & Interactive Pedagogy
  • Dr. Henderson studies Canadian political history, legal history, labour history, cultural history, global history
  • Dr. Hewitt studies Archaeology and History of Roman North Africa; Roman domestic architecture
  • Dr. MacDonald studies Medieval History and Material Culture; Medieval England
  • Dr. Provencal studies Ancient Greek Philosophy & Historiography; Ancient Novel; Classical Reception
  • Dr. Sachs studies Islamic thought; Egypt and Sudan; legal history
  • Dr. Sedgwick studies Transnational Histories of the Asia-Pacific; Catastrophe & Response in Global History (Human and Natural Disasters / Humanitarianism and Global Governance); Mass Violence and Recovery (Genocide, Justice, Reconciliation)
  • Dr. Whidden studies History, Egypt, Colonial and Modern history, Middle East and North Africa