First Year Students

History Majors should enroll in:

  • HIST 1003 - The Practicing Historian
  • 3h/6h of History courses at the 1000 level

Classics Majors should enroll in:

  • 6h of Classics courses at the 1000 level
  • 6h of Greek and/or Latin at the 1000 level - this fulfills the Arts Core Language requirement

Arts Core

  • 6h in ENGLISH at the 1000-level (ENGL1413/1423 or ENGL1483/1493)
  • 6h in a single LANGUAGE other than English (French, German, Spanish, Latin or Greek)
  • 6h SOCIAL SCIENCES (Economics, Politics, Sociology, Women & Gender Studies)
  • 6h in the FACULTY OF PURE & APPLIED SCIENCES (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Environmental Science, Geology, Math & Stats, Nutrition, Physics or Psychology)