2022-2023 Course Offerings

FALL 2022
Subject Course Section Title Faculty
CLAS 1123 FA01 Intro to Roman Civilization Hewitt
CLAS 1803 FA01 Introduction to Archaeology Gardner
CLAS 2663 FA01 Class Greece: State & Society Gardner
CLAS 3113 FA01 Roman Law and Society Hewitt
CREL 1206 FA01 World Religions Seamone
CREL 2533 FA01 Cults New Religious Mvmt Seamone
CREL 3123 FA01 Writing Life: Worldviews/Exp. Seamone
HIST 1003 FA01 The Practicing Historian Duke
HIST 1043 FA01 The Mid. East in World History Whidden
HIST 1413 FA01 Global History Before 1500 Henderson
HIST 1423 FA01 Global History After 1500 Sedgwick
HIST 1533 FA01 Britain to 1707 Davidson
HIST 2123 FA01 Gend. & Sexlty in Eur. to 1789 Rombough
HIST 2203 FA01 World War One Doerr
HIST 2283 FA01 Environmental History Duke
HIST 2313 FA01 The Dilemma of Modern America Dennis
HIST 2493 FA01 Canadian History on Film Dalton
HIST 2533 FA01 Med. Europe: Fact Not Fiction Davidson
HIST 2593 FA01 Hist of Cda's First Nations Peters
HIST 2743 FA01 Feudal Japan: Peasants/Monks Sedgwick
HIST 3203 FA01 Unlocking the Archival Record Robicheau
HIST 3573 FA01 Guerrillas: War Since 1945 Doerr
HIST 3663 FA01 Law & Punish Cda Before 1900 Henderson
HIST 3723 FA01 The Renaissance Rombough
HIST 3743 FA01 Oceans & Empires - N. Pacific Sedgwick
HIST 3763 FA01 Revolutions in the Middle East Whidden
HIST 3853 FA01 Great Dep & Fight Agst Fascism Dennis
HIST 4903 FA01 Historiography Henderson
LATI 1103 FA01 Elementary Latin I Hewitt
LATI 2013 FA01 Latin Prose and Poetry I Gardner
Subject Course Section Title Faculty
CLAS 1113 WI01 Intro to Greek Civilization Furtado
CLAS 2023 WI01 Roman Art and Architecture Hewitt
CLAS 2273 WI01 Gods in Classical Myth Furtado
CLAS 3123 WI01 Gend/Sex. Greco-Roman World Gardner
CLAS 3133 WI01 Nature in Ancient Greece Furtado
CREL 1206 WI01 World Religions Seamone
CREL 2443 WI01 Health, Illness and Religion Seamone
HIST 1423 WI01 Global History After 1500 Sachs
HIST 1713 WI01 War and the World Doerr
HIST 2043 WI01 Emerg of the Mod Mid. East Sachs
HIST 2073 WI01 The Arab-Israeli Conflict  
HIST 2213 WI01 World War Two Doerr
HIST 2403 WI01 Capital and Labour in Canada Henderson
HIST 2563 WI01 Imperial China Sedgwick
HIST 2783 WI01 Canada Since 1867 Henderson
HIST 3243 WI01 The Reformation in Europe Rombough
HIST 3303 WI01 Genocide and Justice Sedgwick
HIST 3473 WI01 Power/Statecraft 1870-1945 Doerr
HIST 3583 WI01 Anglo-Saxon England MacDonald
HIST 3603 WI01 The American Age of Insecurity Dennis
HIST 3713 WI01 Med. Europe: Material Culture MacDonald
HIST 4113 WI01 Topics: Europe to 1815 Rombough
LATI 1113 WI01 Elementary Latin II Hewitt
LATI 2023 WI01 Intermediate Latin 2 Gardner