Classics studies the languages, literatures, history and society of Greco-Roman antiquity, and offers courses in the archaeology of ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean world, as well as the classical tradition of the West.

Bachelor of Arts with Major in Classical Studies

  • 42h in Classics
  • including 6h from Gree 1103, 1113, Lati 1103, 1113 or equivalent

Bachelor of Arts with Double Major in Classical Studies

  • Classical Studies as one major in a double major program requires 36h
  • 54h in Classical Studies are required for honours in Classics with a double major.

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Classical Studies

  • 60h in Classics
  • including 18h from Greek and Latin with at least 6h in each
  • 12h in Classics at the 3000-level
  • Clas 4996