What Students are Saying

Sarah Atkinson

My experiences through the History and Classics department at Acadia have been so rewarding.  I have learned many skills that will be applicable to any career I might enter.  The professors I have had throughout my years here have always been kind, caring, and willing to help me succeed.  Writing an archival thesis this year has involved exciting, hands-on work, and the opportunity to bring a story to life


Laura Oland

I have had the most wonderful experience with the department of History & Classics at Acadia University. It is so great to be able to take courses where the Profs know your name, are always around for extra help when you do not quite understand something and they care about you succeeding as a student. I personally have had the opportunity to study abroad in Sweden, and while I’m on a different continent Acadia accommodates my different History courses and still helps me with any questions and concerns I have! 


Candina Doucette

I have sincerely enjoyed every day I have spent being a history student at Acadia University. The faculty in the history department have far exceeded what is expected of them in order to accommodate my hectic schedule as a wife and mom travelling from Digby. In addition, my professors have taken the time to get to know me and encourage me to reach my goals. Every one of them is extremely knowledgeable in their field, but patient in explaining to students and always open to answering questions. I feel confident that I can choose any career path, and succeed in it, because of Acadia University, the history department, and its amazing staff.


Ryan d'Eon

Throughout my experience with the History Department at Acadia, my understanding of the world and the problems we face today have become much clearer. This greater understanding would not have been possible without the amazing department faculty who keep you engaged and are always willing to help improve your understanding of history.




Anjuli Ripley

I am part of a unique section of the History & Classics department, I am one of few Canadian Studies students at Acadia University.  Over my 3 years here the History & Classics department has made sure that my unique program needs are met. I can't imagine being part of any other program !


Jenna Colclough

I came to Acadia for Classics, and was not disappointed. Beyond being great instructors, the Classics profs are very open and inclusive, helping to create a supportive community among students and faculty in a small department.


Devyn Kaizer

When I began my studies at Acadia my goal was to continue my education with a Bachelor of Education, ultimately becoming a History Teacher; however during my studies I realized that a Bachelor of Arts in History would provide me with a rich skillset for many other careers as well. I have found my niche working within the cultural sector thanks to the many wonderful courses and educators that the History Department boasts.

I am a proud alumna and incredibly grateful that the History Department has provided me with the skills for a long career within cultural institutions.


Hannah Smith

My name is Hannah, and I am currently a potential 2016 graduate of the History program at Acadia University. My experience over the past four years has truly been life changing, and I am incredibly proud of the accomplishments I have made as I refined my interests and developed as a person and a historian. The hard work and concentration have allowed me to open my mind and begin to develop my continuously evolving view as a critically thinking and learning person, and have allowed me to mature and transition from the teenager I was at the beginning to an adult with the new responsibilities I have now. History has become my passion, and I jump at every chance to engage with and learn more about whatever history I can. Studying the past is the best way to move into the future, and I plan to dive into the future with my eyes and mind wide open.



Lindsay Bilodeau

Acadia is home, it’s the place where I consider myself to be the most comfortable and it has provided over my four years, a safe place to grow and discover a lot about myself. Studying within the history department has allowed me to study topics I’ve always found interesting, expanded my interests, and most importantly it has opened my mind to new ways of thinking. The professors at Acadia are not just teachers or researchers, they’re allies and mentors and I’ve always felt that my history professors have supported me and genuinely cared about my success and learning. Leaving Acadia will be difficult, but I know that my time here has prepared me to pursue my MA and that I’ll always have a home to come back to.


Mercedes Peters

The History Department at Acadia is a really unique community; when you first get here, you feel at home right away with your professors and the students you share classes with. The opportunities that the department has given me as a student to not only challenge myself, but to broaden my historical knowledge and understanding have been vast. Acadia History has opened doors for me that I would have never been able to experience otherwise, and for that I am grateful. Aside from academic success, I have also come away from here with friends I’ll keep for a lifetime. This place has impacted me in wonderful ways; there is no where else I would have rather done my undergraduate degree.



See Mercedes speak about the Legend of Glooscap here


Paul Wadden

"I can’t imagine a better program than what is provided by the History Department at Acadia. The class sizes are small, the course selection is excellent, and the professors are all top notch. The professors know you by name, and genuinely care about your education. They will always make time to talk to you if you need help. I now study law, and the skills I acquired from the Honours program, like writing, researching, and thinking critically have been invaluable to me. Whether you want to continue studying history after completing your undergrad or do something else entirely, the History Department at Acadia will make sure you are well prepared to take on whatever path you choose."


Regan Zscheile

Acadia University, as a whole, both met and exceeded every expectation I had in regards to post-secondary education. Located in such a small – yet lively – town, it offered unlimited entertainment whilst embracing me with open arms into a tight knit community. Academically speaking, with its small class sizes, the History and Classics department was able to provide me with the support and guidance necessary to excel in an academic environment. However, aside from academics, it is difficult for me to put into words the effect Acadia History and Classics had on me as an individual. Simply put, the department – along with its admirable faculty and students – allowed me to grow as a person in ways for which I will always be grateful. I am headed into the University of Toronto’s MA program in history with the confidence and belief in oneself that is necessary to not only complete, but enjoy such a feat.