Our Department houses the disciplines of History, Classics and Comparative Religion. Rich in diversity, the Department offers an impressive array of courses on the peoples and cultures - past and present - that make up our world.

Classics studies the languages, literatures, history and society of Greco-Roman antiquity, and offers courses in the archaeology of ancient Egypt and the Mediterranean world, as well as the classical tradition of the West.

History expands our global perspective through a study of the histories of the peoples and cultures of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. North America, of course, receives due attention, especially the political and social histories of Canada and the United States. History also offers specialized courses in the history of women, war, medicine, and the environment, and maintains two research centres: the New England Planter Studies Centre and the North East Asia Research Centre.

Comparative Religion enlarges our view of the world across cultures and expands our understanding of religion and culture relationships through history and in contemporary times though focus on the study of traditional world religions, aboriginal traditions around the globe and emergent forms of spirituality. Courses beyond the first year level focus on thematic issues across traditions and theory and method in the study of religion.

Our Honours programs, demanding but rewarding, ensure our students attain the expertise required to succeed in their choice of graduate studies and professional careers. Our bookshelves hold the theses of many proud Honours students granted scholarships to graduate schools.

Senior Honours students can apply for departmental assistantships. Majors and Honours students are eligible for a number of prizes, awards and scholarships.

Please drop by the History and Classics Department Office, Room 441, Beveridge Arts Centre, to discuss your program or email us at history@acadiau.ca.

Dr. Gillian Poulter
Department Head, History and Classics